Live View at a Waterhole in the Gondwana Namib Park

Information about Namibia's 1st live webcam

Gondwana Namib Desert Lodge

EarthCam Top 10 Winner

About our Live Webcam

Complementing the magnificence of a red sand sea, Namib Desert Lodge lies at the foot of ancient fossilised dunes

Intermittent interruptions may occur - hey, it's in a remote destination in the world's oldest desert after all.

There is another Waterhole close to this one. If the waterlevel is low, animals could still drink at the other waterhole

Wildlife in the open landscapes of the Namib tend to be quite skittish, especially when drinking at a man-made waterhole. Naturally animals are vulnerable to predation when they are at a waterhole. This particular waterhole is in an open plain (8km from the lodge) where predators like leopard and hyena roam, so animals are vary when they go for a drink, especially when they are alone. The wind also tends to make animals more nervous.

The pole that the camera is mounted on has been at the waterhole for years so animals have gotten used to it. The camera does not make a sound or flash so does not disturb the animals.