Early detection: check your skin

A melanoma can develop anywhere on the body, including places which do not receive frequent sun exposure, but may have been sunburnt.
A melanoma is likely to have a similar appearance to a mole but unlike a mole, a melanoma will usually grow larger and become more irregular in shape and colour.

Check your skin and moles at least every three months. The ABCDE rule is a useful guide of what to look for.

Asymmetry - Moles that, if divided in half are not the same on both sides.
Border - Moles with edges that are jagged like a coastline.
Colour - Moles gaining or losing colour, or multicoloured.
Diameter - Moles more than 1/2 cm in diameter (especially if uneven colour).
Evolution - Moles that have changed size, shape, colour or risen.

If you spot any of them, see your doctor straight away.